Bethesda’s Fallout with pirates

No sooner do we announce that Fallout 3 has gone gold than copies of the Xbox 360 version have popped up on the net. With a couple of weeks still to go until release, dirty downloaders are getting their grubby mitts on the game early through a number of Torrent sites. Unsurprisingly, Bethesda isn’t best pleased about it, and is on the track of the culprit.

“We’re looking into it. Since we haven’t sent out a single disc, it greatly reduces the number of places this might have come from,” says Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines. Looks like somebody may be getting an unfriendly knock at their door this weekend.

Pirated copies of Xbox 360 games are becoming an increasing trend with Saints Row 2, NBA 2k9, Blitz: The League and Fracture recently suffering the same fate. Obviously, it’s not something we agree with here at TVGB. We prefer to pay for our games. But how do you feel about it? Piracy is crippling the PC gaming market, is this the death-knell for console gaming? Or is it just the reality of digital based media these days. Let us know what you think.