Get ready for a (expensive) zombie invasion


Everybody is stocked up on canned food right? Got those shotguns loaded and red herbs ready? Good, because the game Left 4 Dead is going to be smothering you with its advertising campaign. EDGE online has a nice little article up detailing the onslaught of marketing Left 4 Dead has planned for you. How you ask? Well, Valve is getting ready to spend a hefty $10 million on an ad campaign that will incorporate television, online, print, and outdoor advertising. Basically you will be seeing zombies everywhere. Some gaming sites are already advertising the game, however, most of it will be on your television, since half of the $10 million will be used for television advertising. When I say used, what I really mean is: This game is going to own your eyes for the month of November.

Valve has scheduled 30 second “premium” placement spots during USC, Notre Dame, Monday night and Thanksgiving football broadcasts. I’m all good with that, nothing goes better with turkey and football than flesh-eating zombies. The television campaign is scheduled to last from November 9 through the 28. The point of this whole story? To illustrate the s*** ton of money developers are willing to spend in order to get your attention. Though all you really have to do is have a 10 second commercial with just the words “ZOMBIE GAME COMING OUT,” in order to get me to buy it.