Gears of War 2 already in the wild

Just days after the announcement that Gears of War 2 has gone gold, it appears that one lucky so and so already has managed to get himself a copy of the game. Forum poster ‘dreammastah’ over at Neogaf has posted images showing Gears of War 2 running on his Xbox 360. As well as uploading numerous screenshots as proof, the user also set up a live stream of both campaign and horde mode. The 55 uploaded screenshots, showing various multiplayer maps and collectibles, are still available to view here.

Whether the disc in the image above is a review copy, a retail copy, or just an high quality fake is currently unknown. However, judging by the screenshots, videos and achievements, it appears that whatever disc he has is a full working version of Gears of War 2. With the official release date almost a whole month away, Epic Games and Microsoft can’t be too pleased by this news.