World at War multiplayer beta incoming

Whether or not you are excited by the series’ return to both World War II and developer Treyarch, the fact remains that Call Of Duty: World at War is a BIG deal. COD4 sold over ten gazillion copies, was a resounding critical success and still dominates online. With that kind of pedigree COD:WW can’t fail to be huge.

For those that just can’t wait to get their hands on it, Treyarch is dishing out ‘tokens’ for the Xbox 360 multiplayer beta. Word is that the first wave should be arriving in mailboxes early this week. If you haven’t already, you can still try and get in on the act by registering at the official site, or you can head along to Eurogamer who have ‘thousands’ of tokens up for grabs. Everyone that has pre-ordered the game through GameStop (US) or Game (UK) are guaranteed a place.

Unfortunately, no PS3 beta is planned. PC gamers will get one, but will have to wait until later this month. We’ll keep you posted.