Capcom officially cancels Talisman, officially

This news may come as a shock to you, so be sure to sit down before fully reading. No, don’t sit there, it’s booby trapped. Yeah, the loveseat is fine but don’t look in the cracks. Anyways, the Capcom-published videogame adaptation of Games Workshop’s role-playing board game Talisman for PSN, XBLA and PC has officially lost all its hit points. I know, you can’t believe it after a span of no word or updates on the progress of said game.

In a post on the Capcom Unity messageboard, Capcom’s VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson, confirmed the project’s end by saying, “Rather recently we have finally stopped development completely. After a misfire at the start, the details of which I won’t get into, we evaluated several options for moving the project to new developers, but the costs of moving forward outweighted the potential revenue. I realize this will be disappointing for the fans of the game. The rights have reverted back to Games Workshop where I hope someone will pick them up and try again. I too still would like to play a Talisman videogame.”

In case you’re keeping score at home, Svensson dropped this little nugget almost 2 months ago, yet it’s being quoted as coming out today. This leads me to believe the project was the unpopular kid in school that popped his zits and ate pudding cups alone in the lunch room. That poor little soul just wanted a friend and nobody even cared. Well, now he’s dead. How do you feel?