New Xbox Experience arrives with no movie sharing


The New Xbox Experience (NXE) is certainly ambitious. So it’s no surprise that some of the features announced, such as the ability to watch Netflix movies with friends, will not be making it with the launch of NXE. That’s right, on November 19 you won’t be able to watch that latest episode of General Hospital with your buddies. MTV Multiplayer had a chat with Xbox director of marketing, Albert Penello, about the various features for the NXE.

Penello confirmed that the ability to share movies will not be available on launch, but that “those types of things are certainly the aspiration,” which is really marketing lingo for ‘It’s probably going to happen somewhere down the road’. I certainly don’t take this as a disappointment. I don’t think any of my friends would appreciate my love for Ben 10 anyways. What about you guys, anyone looking forward to having a movie night with friends?