Gooy goodness Monday

To go along with the game’s release on WiiWare in North America this morning, developer 2D Boy has offered up this most excellent World of Goo launch trailer. The gameplay is sped up for the trailer, but it gives a good idea of what challenges await as well as highlighting some of the great scenes, music and animations.

Players will have to puzzle out four-plus worlds, with about 10 stages each, with the help of multiple types of goo balls. Build bridges and towers to get the goo balls to the end of the stage. With increasingly difficult stages, puzzles and a multitude of different types of goo balls (some can be connected to a limited number of times, some burn, other are elastic and still some float like balloons), World of Goo should give even Brain Age 20’s a challenge.

As the trailer states and has we reported earlier, this game is available now. Considering that this may be one of the top WiiWare titles to date, features co-op and WiiConnect24 support and all the strong reviews it has been given, what are you waiting for?