High Voltage goes hot roding with WiiWare

High Voltage Software has Wii on the brain (yeah, saying that out loud still makes us chuckle). This time they are presenting gamers with a WiiWare racing game called High Voltage Hot Rod Show.

At this Hot Rod Show it will take more than basic skills to win as players pull off killer stunts to earn boosts. Up to four players can compete via split-screen, so it’ll be time to break out those WiiWheels again. Also track best times world wide with online leader boards.

Lead Artist Benjamin Savage lets on that they drew inspiration from artist and automobile designer Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Those unfamiliar with his brilliant/sometimes weird as hell cars may know Roth’s toy or merchandise lines like Rat Fink. This inspiration led to some crazy and exciting characters, Hot Rods and even music.

We know we love the direction they’ve taken using their proprietary Quantum 3 engine. Yes, that is the same engine they are currently using to create the highly anticipated Wii FPS The Conduit. Eric Nofsinger, the Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage, said, ” We set the bar for ourselves very high with each new title. Not only have we created a fantastic racing title with support for split-screen racing and online leaderboards, but we’ve also demonstrated the incredible versatility of the Quantum 3 Game Engine.”

Well, consider us excited both for a crazy racer and another look at how awesome High Voltage is trying to make their original, non-ported Wii titles.