Launch trailer for Quantum of Solace will give you goosebumps

So the trailer isn’t all that exciting other than showing off some great action, but I dare anyone reading not to get at least two goosebumps when that Bond theme kicks in. What is it about that theme that just gets even the most casual of movie watchers excited? Moving away from rhetorical questions and into the realm of cold hard video are we seeing anything that is exciting us more than before? Hmmmm, let me think. GOLDEN GUN! OK, maybe that was an obvious inclusion in a Bond game and maybe it’s not the actual Bond golden gun, but it’s always nice to see that it’s an option for multiplayer.

I don’t remember a train fight in the first movie so I’m guessing that is one of the added action scenes they put in since the enemy appears to be from Quantum of Solace. One wonders if those action sequences will be QTE stuff or are just video cut scenes. Either way they get all the more awesome with the Bond theme behind them. So anyone as excited for this multiplayer as they were are for GoldenEye’s?