Microsoft has your Arcade hard drive issues covered for NXE

Microsoft will be releasing the New Xbox Experience at midnight on November 18, 2008. The update itself only takes up about 128 MB of hard drive space which isn’t that much to a lot of us Pro and Elite console owners. However Microsoft has promised our dear friends who own Arcade consoles a solution to the storage issue that would prevent them from updating. Today, Microsoft made good on that promise.

There’s a couple of ways for Arcade owners to get more storage in time for the NXE. All you have to do is go to the Xbox storage upgrade website and enter your Xbox 360 serial number and your Console ID. If you don’t know what those numbers are, go to the System area of the Xbox 360 dashboard, access system settings, and select system info. After inputting these numbers, Microsoft’s super computers will determine whether you really do own an Arcade console and will offer you two options. You can get either a refurbished 20 GB hard drive for $19.99, or a free 512 MB memory card.