Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg puts Blu-ray rumors to bed

In response to the latest round of Blu-ray 360 rumors, Microsoft’s group project manager Aaron Greenberg decided to put it all out on the line and not only shoot down the whispers of a new Xbox/Blu-ray hybrid, but also take a couple shots at the format itself: “We have no plans to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience. We believe that we shouldn’t force consumers to pay for things they don’t want”. Ouch. But that’s not all, he continues, “We also believe that the future’s digital, and that’s why we’ve invested in a massive library of entertainment content. No one knows what Blu-ray will be. It’s pretty clear it is not the next DVD, right? The days of one physical format being the standard are gone. Let’s say right now we’re not sure if it’s the next UMD or the next DVD.”

Wow, did he just manage to insult two Sony formats in one sentence? We’re pretty sure he did. Regardless, while we feel like the digs against the format may be unnecessary, it seems that the endless rumors regarding the Blu-ray Xbox are entirely false. Or were they…? We’re just kidding, yes, yes they were. No, seriously, it wasn’t true so please stop talking about it. Thank you.