New expansion packs announced for Spore

EA has announced official details of 2 Spore expansions. First up is the Creepy and Cute Parts Pack rumoured not so long ago. The expansion provides players with a heap of new creature building components. You’ll be able to take your genital-based critter creation to whole new levels with additional body parts, animations, backgrounds and paint jobs themed in “charming, cartoon-esque” cute, and “scary, monster-like” creepy. U.S release date is Nov. 18 with a price of $19.95. Europe has to hang on a couple of days until the Nov. 20, and no word as yet on pricing.

Much more interesting than all of that, however, is an as yet unnamed second expansion, dated for “Spring 2009”. This one adds depth to the already pretty chunky Space stage by allowing players’ creatures to beam down from their spaceships and explore planets, earn ‘rewards’ for completing missions and create and share their own missions online with an ‘Adventure Creator’. Sounds good to me. We’ll bring you more as soon as we can.