PS3 firmware update v2.5 does a bunch of stuff

It’s that time again. Time for Sony to enhance their black behemoth with more delicious updates that will make you throw some thumbs up and shake your ass like a Polaroid picture. Unfortunately, Sony have yet to activate the grilling mode but the good news is I have successfully beaten a dead horse. So what wonders of merriment and wizardry are included in this firmware update? PlayStation.Blog has the 411 and there’s lots of really good stuff. Stuff that is WAY past due in all honesty.

First off, PS3 users can now take advantage of power save settings which allow for both the system and controllers to turn off after a period of inactivity. Now when you fall asleep while watching Blu-ray porn, you might save yourself some embarrassment should someone come looking for you after a few hours. Then again, you own Blu-ray porn, so uhhhh, yeah.

You know when you download something from the PSN Store, it’s taking forever, you have to go but you want the damn thing to be ready to go when you get home but don’t want to risk your PS3 setting the neighborhood on fire? Good news because background downloading can be set to turn the system off after a download or installation. HUZZAH!

Have you ever wished you could take an in-game screenshot of yourself teabagging someone or doing something worthy of geek cred? I desperately wished I could’ve when I played Assassin’s Creed and slaughtered an entire outpost of jackasses because it was awesome and people needed to see. From here on this will be a supported feature, but specific titles have yet to be known. Such a tease, I know.

On top of these pretty stellar additions, there’s also support for Sony’s schmexy new headset, which you can snatch up as part of the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Bundle, the ability to insert scene breaks into videos for quick skipping, an enhanced trophy interface, friends list now showing how long your offline contacts have been dead…errr…missing and finally the “redeem code” option can be found in the store instead of being hidden in the dark corridor of “account management.” There are supposedly a few more updates/enhancements — I’m guessing minor — that you can find here once the update goes live later today.

I’m happy to see features like auto-off of both the system and controllers, especially after a download, finally hit. What from this update excites you guys the most and what are you still waiting for?