PS3 still has an exclusive with White Knight Chronicles

It’s OK Sony fans. Sure the Xbox 360 is getting Tekken 6, and it’s true that they’ll be getting Blu-ray capability soon. There is still hope the PlayStation 3 will recover faster than our economy. They’ve still got great exclusives in the future like LittleBigPlanet and the game staring that seven-meters-tall bad ass pictured above, White Knight Chronicles — “the forthcoming flagship role-playing title for PS3.”

White Knight Chronicles features an epic single-player quest grounded in a huge and lavishly-designed medieval world filled with awe-inspiring mountains, a castle, a cavernous mine and even a giant mobile city built on the back of an enormous creature. The story begins when an evil corporation (they had those in the dark ages?) called “Wizard” attacks during Princess Cisna’s coming-of-age banquet. Our hero Leonard tries to help her escape by hiding out in the castle cellars. There he finds ancient and magical armor that will turn him into the hulking White Knight.

From this point the story takes off on that epic quest, which should take 50 to 60 hours to complete. However, players don’t have to go it alone the whole way. Developer LEVEL 5 has blessed this quest with the ability to band into teams of four via the PlayStation Network. The online-quest mode will not however be integrated into the main story mode. Players can complete online quests alone though. Thankfully everything you get in one mode like money, gear and stats will transfer over into the other mode.

White Knight Chronicles is set to release in Japan on Christmas Day, while the rest of us just have to wait a little longer for our White Knight.