Trouble finding Wii Fit in the UK? No More!

If you’re from the UK then you’ll know that trying to find a genuine copy of Wii Fit is like nailing jelly to a wall. The trouble is, with demand being so high and Nintendo so intent on teasing consumers, the darn things fly off the shelves faster than stockists can sit them on the shelves.

Well one website is hoping to put an end to all that and give shoppers new hope in the run up to the Christmas period. uses what it calls “a state of the art stock locator system” to let consumers search for online retailers which have the game in stock. What’s more, if the numbers are thin on the ground at any particular outlet the site can send a notification the moment fresh stock becomes available.

Site creator Chantal Matar explains her reasons for developing the site, “I set up as I knew it would be difficult to find a Wii Fit this year, let alone at the Recommended Retail Price. I wanted to help people locate one with the minimum of fuss and in a fun, friendly and informative manner. Wii Fit is attracting a whole new demographic to the gaming market. An audience may never have played a console game before, but have been attracted to Wii Fit by word of mouth, or from learning about its value as a weight loss tool.”