An inconvenient name

Have you ever wanted to get a real behind the scenes look at a videogame’s development — to delve deep into the game industry and see how production really works? Also, do you speak German? If so, and you happen to be in Hamburg Germany on Oct. 22, you can get the experience at the prestigious Abaton Cinema with An Inconvenient Game, a documentary made by Cool-Concepts Media and Daedalic Entertainment to follow Daedalic’s upcoming game A New Beginning.

This documentary was made to provide a look at the inner workings of an indy game developer and publisher from story boards and animation to programming and research. Since A New Beginning focuses on the idea and possible outcomes of global warming there are also on-film interviews from experts in that field.

A New Beginning is a largely cinematic, interactive eco-thriller filled with adventure, puzzles, detailed hand painted backgrounds and characters painstakingly animated by hand for feature film quality in a realistic 2D style. The story centers around scientist Bent Svensson, who devoted his life’s work toward creating an eco-friendly energy source. Now retired, his research is about to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous energy magnet. At the same time a young girl named Fay shows up and tells him she came from the future to prevent an environmental catastrophe and that she needs his help to do it.

Daedalic says that their aim is to tell emotionally captivating stories and with this plot coupled with this artistic manor of storytelling, they may have a winner on their hands. A New Beginning is scheduled for release on PC, DS and Wii later this year. We would, however, feel more confident in this game if the movie about it were called An Amazing Game instead of An Inconvenient Game.