Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Voice acting for The Conduit revealed

Today we got a press release from our friends over at High Voltage about how they’ve gone all Hollywood on us. I might argue that they’ve gone more B-list on us, but it’s probably the best B-list you can do without getting Bruce Campbell. The big name most people will recognize is Keven Sorbo who played Hercules on the TV show Hercules:The Legendary Journeys and also has manly, manly chest hair. He’ll be filling the roles of the terrorist Prometheus in the game and will be accompanied by Mark A. Sheppard as the voice of the main character, Mr. Ford, and William Morgan Sheppard as John Adams (not the President). Yes, it’s a father and son voice attack!

The two have been in almost every television show on TV at the moment so you’ve probably seen or heard of at least one of them. From the brief voice acting we’ve heard in the game it sounds like it will all come out just fine, especially if they’re putting as much effort into the script as they did with the rest of the games. In case you’re wondering Sorbo is wearing pants in that picture.