Prince of Persia on PS3 will support trophies

There are decisions in life that are downright brutal. For instance, do you get a high-profile single-player, multi-platform game on your PS3 or Xbox 360? It’s a tough one to settle, but usually one goes with the Xbox 360 version due to its achievements for e-peen growth. For those currently battling their inner score whore over the shiny new Prince of Persia, you may have to go to the scientific coin toss to decide. had some hands-on with the title at the Tokyo Game Show and is reporting the game does indeed hand out those happy, little trophies PS3 owners sometimes see. Good news for those looking to build that rad trophy room in Home — if it ever comes out — and very well could push some extra units on the PS3 side of the divide. What makes me decide which version to get, you might ask? Simple: the number of words located on the back of the case. The more = the winner.