PS3 firmware 2.5 now live, PSP firmware 5.0 coming soon

To all the lucky PS3 owners who happen to be reading this at such a late hour, we have a surprise for you. Sony has just released the newest upgrade for the PS3, which goes by the name “firmware 2.5”. To all the PS3 owners reading this in the morning…well, the same holds true. The update will do a number of things to your shiny gaming grill, but most exciting on the list is Flash 9.0 support for the PS3’s web browser. Some other notable bullet points include a slight tweak of the PSN store and a compatibility patch for the official PS3 Bluetooth headset. That’s definitely a good thing since SOCOM: Confrontation, with which the headset will be sold, is set to be released tomorrow. The PSP will be getting a similar update today as well, but it has not yet gone live.