BioShock PS3 getting graphic patch sometime after launch

If you’ve played the PS3 demo of BioShock you may have noticed some graphical boo-boos in the form of blocky textures on certain Big Daddy variants and/or white bars on the bottom and right sides of the screen during the opening sequence. If you did, there’s no reason to adjust them or trade them in for new ones — unless you really feel like recreating that scene in Minority Report — as it’s a known problem the team at 2K Games is fixing. Unfortunately, the fix will not make it onto the retail disc, instead coming as a download sometime after launch whenever it passes Sony’s approval process.

It warms the cocles of my heart to see 2K Games putting so much effort into making sure PS3 owners get a version of BioShock that isn’t just a shoddy port. They could’ve easily slapped together a half-assed pile of code — some may argue they did with these issues present — and when someone opened their copy they’d get punched in the face with one of those springy boxing gloves you see in cartoons. On second thought, that’s funny as hell and would actually give people something to cry about. Don’t lie, you love it.