EA’s Take-Two bid was ‘a waste of ink’

Since letting sleeping dogs lie is totally boring and dosn’t make for good news lets poke this one with stick and see if it barks. Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello has recently commented on the whole EA/Take-Two 2 billion dollar failed buyout thing that was going on for the past nine months or so, until recently when EA stepped away from the table. Discussing the failure of the buyout and why EA did it Riccitiello said that the whole ordeal was “a waste of ink, primarily in the New York Post.” Well the jokes on him, cause the real people who hyped up the whole thing were us bloggers and we don’t use ink at all. Guess whose got egg…errr…ink…ummm….internet on their face now.

Moving forward from the his perceived overblown nature of the whole thing Riccitiello went on to say that EA dropped its bid because “time was of the essence, because we wanted to impact holiday 2008 sales of Grand Theft Auto IV.” He also goes into a bit of detail of how EA really just wanted to help out Take-Two and make it a better company. I’m not sure how you go from walking away because there wasn’t any money there after GTAIV shipped to really wanting to help out a struggling company, but he seems to have pulled it off well enough.