Halo board game hits stores, world rejoices

Finally completed your Halo action figure collection? Guzzled that stash of Halo-themed Mountain Dew? Bored with your replica Plasma Sword? Yes? Well hold on to your Master Chief boxers baby, the Halo Interactive Strategy Game has arrived! Hurrah!

“Featuring original and new characters from the Halo games, the Halo Interactive Strategy Game pulls fan-favourite elements from the Halo series, along with music from the game’s award winning soundtrack. Additionally, the game features unseen exclusive DVD content to enhance gameplay.” Amazing. But wait, pick your jaw from the floor people, there’s more. “In the game, players will command armies of 3-dimensional character pieces for multiple levels of play. Fans can follow storylines that expand the Halo experience or go head to head in Slayer or Capture the Flag modes.” Oh. My. God.

All this wonderful Halo-flavoured goodness is available in stores now for $49.99, yet you’re still here reading this. What is WRONG with you people!? Go, go go!!