360 has the power to run MGS4 says Microsoft

Rumors about MGS4 coming to the 360 have been flying around like bats in a cave with a flood light suddenly splashed inside of it, but as of yesterday they’ve gained some very solid traction. Of course nothing is confirmed until it’s confirmed but this news has prompted John Schappert, the big boss of Xbox Live, to comment on the ability of the 360 to “handle” the game.

The two main complaints tossed out at the 360 is that it couldn’t handle the game graphically because it isn’t as powerful as the PS3 and that the DVD format couldn’t contain the entire game. In response to the first complaint Schappert said, “I can’t speak on behalf of Konami, but I can shed more light on the fact that we definitely have the power to run MGS4.” So that removes that theoretical barrier. The game having to be on two discs didn’t come up but I think his response might have been something along the lines of “Get off your ass.”

Schappert also couldn’t resist taking a little jab at Sony by bringing up Microsoft’s other recent coups. “I’m certainly in the fan club that would love to see Kojima-san’s masterpiece come our way. It would be wonderful to play Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox. It could become another of the many franchises that started their life on another console that are now coming our way,” he said.