Game blogs vs. print media fight!

Now this might not be of interest to some of you, but as a journalism student wishing to break into the industry, it is definitely a conversation I have with myself every day. The question being: what is the future for game journalism? With the advent and rise (pun?) of videogame blogs, traditional print media had to change gears quick. This was seen with EGM’s website, 1up, which arguably is the top competitor to IGN. Thankfully I’m not the only person who  worries about the future of game journalism.

Rio Pesino, host of the show The Reboot, decided to actually go out and ask some major players what they thought about the future of game journalism. It’s an interesting watch, and Pesino gets multiple views from some of the leading figures in the industry, including Ron Workman,  co-founder of the popular gaming blog Destructoid and Sid Shuman of Gamepro. Personally, I think that both mediums can co-exist or maybe somehow form a hybrid media? What do you guys think?