Ninokuni book might be the sexiest book ever

Actually the copy of the Kama Sutra I found buried in my basement when I was ten years old is the sexiest book ever, but the book that comes packaged with the Stuido Ghibli game Ninokuni (The Another World) is coming in a close second. This isn’t just a tiny paperback thrown into the game as the pictures show, it’s a full blown spell book with leather binding, a huge amount of pages and ornate writing. Just looking at it gets me more excited for a large, heavy book than I have been in years. The best part is that the book will feature in the gameplay, which will make you look like a total nerd but feel like a total bad ass.

I have no idea where I’m going to keep the damn thing though. Look at that box art the game comes in. It too is full of sexy win, and holds the game itself. I hope nothing changes (other than the language) in the game’s transition over to the US and European shores. If we can’t get this game in its full glory, I don’t know if I want it at all. How dissapointed would you be if you could only get a cheap booklet instead of that glorious tome. For more information on the game in English than you’re likely to find anywhere else check out the rest of our coverage from our crack reporter in Japan.