Zeno Clash pushed back, new screens to compensate

ACE Team’s Andres Bordeu sent over a message with some rather sad news today — the release of Zeno Clash has been pushed back to next year. The indie studio has chosen to spend more time polishing their funky title, and since they have no suits breathing down their necks, they are certainly free to do so. “The bright side of the delay is that the additional time we’ll spend on the game will ensure that we deliver a quality experience, true to the expectations of our fans. Being an independent studio has allowed us to develop this game without external pressures, so we chose not compromise the game’s quality by releasing this year,” Bordeu wrote. The new released target has been hung on the month of February.

In the meanwhile they’re submitting the game for next year’s Independent Games Festival, the finalists for which will be announced in December.

In case you went through this post with “WTF is Zeno Clash?” pounding in your head, check here to see the trailer that originally sparked our fascination with the title, and then read our interview with the devs. Oh, and there’s three new screenshots in the gallery, too.