Eye Candy Recap / October 17

I’ll skip the song and dance and jump right in — this will be the last post in the Eye Candy Recap feature. Don’t be scared, we’ll still keep you updated on the freshest additions that have been added to our galleries, but from now on we’ll get the info to you in a slightly different and much speedier way. Instead of doing this recap a few times a week, you’ll be seeing a little update on the front page the minute some new screenshots/images/artwork make their way into one of our galleries. So keep an eye out for them, you’ll know it when you see it.

But that doesn’t mean this update is a pushover. No-no, we have new eye candy for games like Sonic and the Black Knight, Resistance: Retribution, Overlord II, Zeno Clash and Skate 2, to name a few. The very last biggest update crown goes to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows which steals the show with 30 new additions.

Spore (Creepy & Cute Parts Pack) – 4 new additions
Skate 25 new additions
Edge of Twilight8 new additions
X-Blades10 new additions
PlayStation Home5 new additions
Zeno Clash3 new additions
Roogoo20 new additions
The Last Remnant21 new additions
Overlord II2 new additions
White Knight Chronicles12 new additions
Halo 3: Recon6 new additions
Sonic and the Black Knight3 new additions
Diablo III11 new additions
Resistance: Retribution7 new additions
Secret Service6 new additions
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows30 new additions