Nintendo No.1 and No.2 in September

Once again Nintendo is on top of the console charts in North America with the Wii in first place selling 687,000 units and the DS selling 537,000 units in September. Nintendo reports that this is a growth of 234,000 more than sold in August and an increase of 37% from September 2007. We’ll have to see if the price cut on the Xbox 360 or the new PSP 3000 will shake things up this month.

Nintendo is still strong in the software charts as well with four Wii games in the top 10, including Wii Fit still strong at No.2 and…Wii Play at No.7 still? Seriously? Guess it helps to offer up a new controller with it. Let’s see if LittleBigPlanet stays there forever if North America gets the controller bundle like Japan.