Phantasy Star Portable washing up stateside March ’09

Any Sega Dreamcast owners in the crowd tonight? *One lonely cheer erupts* Alright! Well, for that one guy out there in the back row, there’s some fantastic news if you also happen to own a PSP. Sega has revealed that they will be bringing the portable version of one of the Dreamcast’s most cherished franchises to Sony’s portable powerhouse this coming spring in the U.S. in the form of Phantasy Star Portable.

Phantasy Star Portable was released in Japan a number of months ago and it has enjoyed excellent sales ever since. The game will include wireless co-op play, which is surely something we’d expect given the community sandbox nature of the Phantasy Star Universe games. If you’ve never gotten the chance to enjoy a PS game, this may be your best chance, as the servers for the highly-superior Dreamcast incarnation, Phantasy Star Online, have been down for quite a while now. If you’re really desperate to sink your teeth into Phantasy Star right now you can try to hunt down Phantasy Star Universe for Xbox 360, but the community is dwindling and it just isn’t a good representation of what we hope will make Phantasy Star Portable a title to salivate over in the coming months.