No surprise: Max Payne movie sucks

Any gamer knows that movies based upon their beloved franchises very rarely turn out to be watchable, much less enjoyable. But why is this? Are videogame plots that much different from your standard action movie? Is it a curse? Is it Uwe Boll?!?! We’d argue that it’s none of the above (however, Boll hasn’t exactly helped the situation). What it comes down to is that the majority of movies made are just bad in general. So, for a movie to be good AND based on a videogame the chances are just that much slimmer.

The most recent victim of this trend is Max Payne. We’ll admit, we had hope for Max Payne. Its production looked like it was coming along nicely, not to mention the fact that Mr. Wahlberg said it was his most enjoyable roll ever. Those are some pretty big words coming from such an esteemed young actor, but apparently what he thinks of the movie just didn’t translate into a box office beauty. Currently sporting a decidedly sub-par 29/100 aggregate review score, it looks like you might be better off saving your $10 and picking up Super Mario Bros. on DVD instead. Wait, we’re the only ones who loved that disaster? Curses!