Study conducted on benefits of kids playing video games

A study hosted by the Yahoo!-owned site Shine, which reaches an audience of about 10 million readers a month, revealed results that give a good ol’ Rick James slap in the face to the people that say “video games are poisoning the youth”. The study was conducted by Sony Online Entertainment LLC (maybe just a TAD bias) and found that 87% of the parents who participated in the survey spend time playing video games with their children. Some of the other results noted were:

  • 75% of the parents have attributed educational value and improved hand/eye coordination to video game usage.
  • 84% have reported an increase in their child’s typing skills from playing PC/online games.
  • 80% of parents claim they purchase all of their children’s games.

The high number of parent involvement in playing games with their children is believed to be the increased popularity of Family Game Nights (i.e XBL) and fam-friendly consoles such as the Wii. Hopefully this might open some eyes out there and show that every single problem in the world cannot and will not be blamed on the gaming industry. Huzzah!