Bungie’s next IP isn’t Microsoft exclusive

Microsoft’s best friend Bungie, currently working on Halo 3: Recon, is simultaneously developing another IP which apparently isn’t exclusively tied to Microsoft, at least not yet. It isn’t limited by any agreement to be released on a certain platform nor does it currently come with other restrictions, but, nothing is set in stone at the moment either.

“No, we’re not [tied into a specific platform for new IP],” Bungie’s PR director Brian Jarrard said in a interview with GamesIndustry. “We haven’t gotten that far yet to be totally honest. In theory we do have every means to go out and find the right ecosystem, the right partners, to align with. So who knows what the future will bring us.”

Just because Bungie can create a multi-platform game it doesn’t mean they will. The Microsoft exclusivity has so far been a winning concept and the Bungie team have most likely become accustomed and fond of the 360.

“For us the 360 has been great because there’s just been this great synergy with Bungie because all of our games have this inherent social community aspect,” Jarrard continued. “Everything we’ve ever done has this very big online component – we, together with the Xbox consoles, have continued to push that Live experience, the whole notion of a party experience forward.”

But fondness isn’t a guarantee of faithfulness. The possibility that Bungie’s new IP perhaps won’t be tied to Microsoft shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The console exclusivity has been up for debate numerous times lately and several games have surprisingly enough been confirmed for different consoles. Bungie will still be tied to Microsoft with any future Halo project, but an IP ending up on other consoles is probably the natural way to go when taking the 2007 split from Microsoft into consideration.