E3 returns, booth babes still questionable

This past year was TVGB’s first year attending E3. Don’t come down too harshly on us, it was also our first year in existence so we figure we’re doing pretty good as far as these things go. That being said we thought it was pretty darn awesome. However, those who had been to “old E3” informed us that “new E3” was a boat load of crap. We have to take them at their word for it, until June 2-4 of next year that is!

G4 just delivered the low down on next year’s E3 and it looks like gaming journalist around the world will be seeing a return to form of one kind or another. First off those rigorous restrictions that have been in place for attendance are being loosened up next year, meaning the event’s attendance is going to skyrocket to numbers far beyond what it has currently been. G4 says attendance at the LA Convention center should shoot up by the thousands. Bigger crowds should mean bigger booths, right? We’ll see. Booth babes however are still unconfirmed.

Like I said, we were fine with last year’s E3. We got our hands on games, we played them and we were able to talk to developers. Our only real problem was getting around, but evidently the excitement was gone. Now it should be back! And all us journalists can go back to complaining how big and unruly E3 is, and how we wish we could actually get some time with all the games. What? You think we’d ever actually be happy about anything?