EndWar to be destroying the world on DS and PSP too

You thought the war to end all wars was too big for a portable system, didn’t you? How wrong you were as is easily proven by the fact that EndWar, which is owned by this Tom Clancy guy no one has ever heard of, has been announced to be coming to both the DS and the PSP on Nov. 4. The game hasn’t been developed by the same guys that did EndWar, as is usually the case with portable games, but instead by Funatics Software, whose name sounds like the exact opposite of war. Don’t be too worried though, often the portable versions of games turn out to be the best version of a game. TMNT on the GBA pops to mind, mostly because I was talking about it last night.

The game won’t be gimped in anyway either. Players will take on the role of Europe, the US or Russia in an attempt to strategically win the war via the game’s unique RTS gameplay which is actually turned based, so it’s not RTS but in fact it is — it’s kind of confusing but it sounds like fun. The DS version will obviously have full touch screen controls, making it the better option in my opinion but i’m guessig the PSP is going to look better. Either way the game will feature a plethora of weapons, modes and levels for all to enjoy on their commutes or other portable gaming times.