Left 4 Dead achievements revealed

With its North American release just over a month away, Xbox360Achievements have revealed the full set of 50 achievements for the 360 version of Left 4 Dead. Although a tad shy of the 99 achievements that graced The Orange Box, Valve has kept the achievement style rather similar to that of the ‘the best deal in videogame history’, complete with the obligatory nod to the achievements of another interactive apocalypse simulator. And NO, I’m talking about Vampire Rain…..or Resident Evil 5 for that matter (good effort though). It’s Dead Rising…..if you didn’t already guess that.

Killing 53,595 infected, one more than the requirement for Dead Rising’s ‘Zombie Genocider’ achievement, will net you ‘Zombie Genocidest’. The majority of the other 49 achievements seek to award players for teamwork, insane skill and innovative methods of survival, rather than handing out 1000 points simply for completing every level. Take that King Kong!

So if you think you can survive an entire campaign using only pistols, or without anyone taking friendly fire damage, then you and your uninfectable friends should be well on your way to earning all of Valve’s unlockable love.