Alan Wake is alive and well in a new trailer

You guys remember the very-little-spoken-about and enigmatic game Alan Wake from Max Payne developer Remedy, right? If you don’t, it’s because it’s been so long since we’ve seen or heard anything new about it beyond “it’s still in-development.” But today is your refresher course. Take a seat and point your peepers towards the top of the post.

This new “cinematic” trailer doesn’t show too much and only gives us a little tease as to what the titular character will be facing. On the plus side, it looks great and gives me a tingly, warm sensation from what feels like a blending of Twin Peaks and In the Mouth of Madness. Personally, I’m psyched as Alan Wake is one of the reasons I got an Xbox 360 in the first place — true story and you can’t disprove it.

If the game features any backwards-talking midgets, “damn fine coffee,” or thinly-veiled references to Cthulhu, it will rise to the level of what my brother and I like to call, “best shit ever!” Now, if only the game would come out…