Motorstorm: Pacific Rift trailer shows mud, water…story?

Everyone knows exactly what to expect from the upcoming Motorstorm sequel. There will be plenty of mud, some dirt sprinkled around, I’ve heard some lava will make an appearance, and a bit of water to even things out. Still, those environmental hazards are only part of the story. You see, apparently there are real human beings driving these vehicles! It’s ok, we were shocked too.

The latest trailer for Pacific Rift seems to delve a bit deeper into the human side of off-road death sprints, but why? Do we really want to feel attached to these drivers who will inevitably be flying off of cliffs and into walls hundreds, if not thousands of times throughout the course of the game. The answer, apparently, is yes. Yes we do. The first Motorstorm didn’t do a whole lot to build character with the drivers or really anyone in the game whatsoever. This new trailer, while only making us care about the drama a fraction more than the previous game, is refreshing enough to remind us to put down our five dollars on a pre-order.