Move over Wii, get fit with your PC

This week the UK will be getting Focus Multimedia’s PC response to Nintendo’s WiiFit. PC Fitness: Your Personal Trainer is designed to combine everything known about physical fitness with the wonders of computer technology to create Maya, the virtual personal trainer.

Maya will be able to walk anyone through a complete workout routine regardless of age, shape or abilities. The first time players start, Maya will determine what kind of shape they are in through a series of tests and questions. Then Maya will help choose players’ goals and set a weekly exercise plan that fits with any busy lifestyle with routines starting at just 15minutes long. Also, Maya can tailor routines for the whole family individually.

There are over 500 easy-to-follow exercise to look forward to including yoga, Pilates, cardio fitness, strength training, flexibility and weight loss. Each exercise has been designed to be done in the home and includes a full 3D tutorial, however it looks like some additional equipment may need to be purchased for some of those strength training exercises. If players/users are finding a workout too tough, they can ask Maya to tone it down. Finally, talk about catering to the masses, PC Fitness even comes with a complete meal plan for reaching fitness and weight loss goals with thousands of international dishes including printable recipes and shopping lists.

Some of the reasons Focus Multimedia gave for people not exercising regularly are busy schedules, bad weather, lack of confidence or feeling intimidated at the local gym as well as expensive gym memberships. PC Fitness address all of these issues (or rather buries them deeper) by having players exercise in their own homes with Maya’s support working them toward their goals. Fitness hopefuls can pick up this new tool this Friday for just £9.99.