Quoting the Qur’an is normal in songs says man behind LBP song

I hear songs quoting the Christian Bible all the time. Actually, that’s a lie. I never listen to Christian music. but I’m sure it does happen. Thus it comes as little surprise to me that the man behind the controversial LittleBigPlanet song Tapha Niang, Toumani Diabate, is saying that quoting the Qur’an is totally normal. “It’s quite normal to play music and be inspired by the words of the Prophet Mohammed. It’s my way to attract and inspire people towards Islam,” he said. So that kind of makes Sony look like a bunch of jerks for disrespecting the man’s religion.

However, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain disagreed with Diabate, saying that “Muslims believe the Qur’an to be the actual word of god and give it utmost respect. Therefore if it were to be used with the accompaniment of music or if it were to be used in a game or a commercial – that would upset and cause offence and hurt to many, many Muslims.” Of course the truly funny part about all this is that Sony didn’t react because the line was offensive to Muslims, they reacted because it was offensive to non-Muslims. Wait, that’s not funny at all. That’s kind of sad.