360’s games-per-console ratio is bigger and growing

This just in from the ‘probably doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but is interesting none the less desk’: the Xbox 360 has a greater tie ratio — which is a comparison of software units sold for every hardware unit — than either the Wii or the PS3 and that ratio is also growing faster. The numbers show that the 360 has a tie ratio of 8.1 games to every one console, the Wii has a tie ration of 5.5 to 1 and the PS3 has a tie ratio of 5.3 to 1. They also show that while the PS3 and Wii numbers have leveled off this year, the 360’s tie ratio has been increasing by .1 every month.

Doing some quick math leads us to the conclusion that the 360 has sold 91 million games over its lifespan, with the Wii in second with 69 million and the PS3 in third with 29 million units. Of course the 360 came out a year earlier so the Wii looks like it’s catching up a bit despite the lower attach rate. Despite the obvious positive ramifications of this news for Microsoft, these numbers are actually good news for everybody. Sony can easily triumph the fact that their numbers have improved dramatically (15 million of their total game sales are from this year) and Nintendo can happily quip that they have easily sold the most software from month to month since the consoles release and their software sales are also improving dramatically. Everybody’s a winner!