Gears of War and Nerdcore are making Halloween in LA sexy

What are you doing for Halloween? If you’re staying in to watch your Buffy and Angel box sets, you’re doing it wrong, especially if you live in the LA area. Friday, Oct. 31 — that’s Halloween night for the uneducated — Golden Apple Comics is hosting IGN’s Halloween Bash with special guests, Carlos Ferro, whose sexy voice you may know as “Dom” from the Gears of War series and the sexy, but not-as-sexy-as-Carlos, Nerdcore calendar gals. On top of all the sexy, sexiness that’s going down, there will also be videogame tournaments, a costume contest — potentially sexy — and your chance to pick up a special collector’s box set of the Gears figures from NECA which Carlos Ferro will sexily sign. I’ll be there trying to compete with all the sexy, so if you’re around, come out and hang. It’s sure to be rad…and sexy.