National Videogame Archive launches “Save The Videogame”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but videogames are disappearing. It’s not that they’re getting any less popular, quite the opposite, but the actual physical stuff of them is vanishing into ether. For better or worse, with each XBLA release and each hardware consolidation we lose a little bit of the matter of games. This particular hardware generation saw the proliferation of wireless controllers – Come on guys, we’ve already lost the wires!

If this is the way we’re heading then what is going to happen to all the bits and pieces of videogame history that we no longer have any space for? The greatest tragedy of the film industry is that its earliest members had no idea how important all the bits of technology they were using would become and cast them aside when they became outmoded. Do we want this to happen to all our old consoles and cartridges?

The National Videogame Archive today announced the launch of its Save The Videogame campaign. The initiative is calling out to gamers the world over to help save these bits of plastic and circuitry that mean so much to us lest they be lost forever. Starting at the GameCity festival later this month, gamers will be able to nominate their favourite titles, consoles, peripherals and anything else from the medium’s past they think is worth recording and saving.

Several studios, the likes of which include Sony, Harmonix, Media Molecule and Naughty Dog, have already pledged their support for the campaign. Anybody interested in getting stuck-in and doing their bit can head over to the Save The Videogame website and register their interest. If the sheer magnitude of this cause isn’t enough to make you stop reading this instant and sign up, the first 1000 individuals to register will receive a Save the Videogame badge!