PSP-3000 selling by the assload in Japan

Weekly Famitsu publisher Enterbrain just released their survey of PSP-3000 sales (Japanese only, sorry!). In just four days, from Oct. 16 through Oct. 19, the PSP-3000 sold 141,270 units. To put this in perspective, in the entire week ending the 19th, all PSP SKUs sold a combined 155,720 units. In other words, the new PSP model represents over 90% of PSP sales for that week, the older versions selling just 14,450 units.

Furthermore, in comparison to previous weeks, those 14,450 units are nothing to sneeze at. Gamers snatched up 19,873 PSPs the week before the 3000 hit, and 24,131 PSPs the week before that. Of course, PSP sales may have been artificially deflated in those weeks, thanks to the impending launch of an upgraded handheld, and Nintendo has taught us that even releasing a different color of console can boost sales significantly. Still, I imagine Sony is not crying over their nearly tenfold week-to-week sales increase, and the ground they’re gaining against the DS. Oh, and just to throw one more big number at you: the report also stated that lifetime sales of the PSP hardware have reached 10,357,481 units.