Scott Miller flip flops on Max Payne film critique

Yesterday, Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms, didn’t seem too happy when asked about the silver screen adaptation of one of his companies babies, Max Payne. Everyone just added him to the growing list of critics who thought the movie was pretty much hot garbage. Well another day breeds another thought process as Miller recently went on the record to follow up his previous statement about the movie, saying, “To be clear, I’m proud of this film.”

Maybe it was the tune of $18 million US and the fact that movie was numero uno on its release that had Mr. Miller changing his pitch? Whatever it was he’s already looking down the pike towards a follow up to the flick saying, “…What I’m hearing is that the film is doing very well in many other European countries and Australia. This kind of opening brings us a lot closer to the reality of a sequel.”

Also, a day after stating that the way the narrative for the movie was handled by Hollywood left him “bewidered,” he had some pretty positive words for the flick saying that it is now one of “the best game-to-film efforts we’ve seen in the industry.”