The Unfinished Swan looks finished enough for us

Indie games are awesome sauce. Of course you have wade through a lot of crap to get to the most awesome of sauces, but taking a look at the above tech demo for The Unfinished Swan it looks like we can all place this one next to our other favorite Indie game sauce flavors. My sauce metaphor is running aground so I’m going to drop it now. The point being that the game looks awesome and decidedly creepy, especially for a game about splattering walls with paint.

The video starts out looking like a tech demo for a splatter art program, but you slowly realize that the player is actually mapping out their entirely white world with blobs of paint, allowing them to travel through a maze. As if that weren’t interesting enough the entire atmosphere of the demo, which could have easily been fun and lighthearted, is downright creepy. Stuck in a world where the player literally can not tell what is around the next corner the ominous music and cricket chirps make every step seem like a ridiculous risk.

The game was developed using XNA, which is the exact type of thing Microsoft was looking for when they delivered the service. Ian Dallas, who claims to be a reasonable man, is the head (possibly only) developer on the game and he’s looking for help with it. So if you’re into such things, maybe you could help him hit his hopeful completion date of March, 2009.