Cross Platform Podcast #007 / Breasticle Bog

Being in charge of the podcast is a huge responsibility. That said, I dropped the ball this week. We recorded the show on Sunday night and it went well. Sure there was the usual editing to be done, but why are you JUST seeing the show posted today? Well you see, there’s this game… Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

Actually, chances are you have heard plenty about my escapades over the past few days as the story was picked up by many other gaming sites. So, despite having a fantastic show on the line, something got in the way. A Sackboy jumped out of my TV and disconnected my laptop’s power cord, forcing me to subdue him with hours and hours of playing. It was no easy task, but I managed to put him in his place. So, now you can listen to our fantastic show, which acts as a bit of a prologue to my adventure. You can hear us all scheming out the heist and then revel in the fact that it worked just as planned!