DDR celebrates 10th with Universe 3

Has it really been ten years? I still remember when arcades started getting swarmed by DDR junkies who had to feed their competitive “dancing” needs. While I’m positive that this trend still goes down, it seems like it was just yesterday when all the hype exploded and this seemingly addictive game came onto the scene. It looks like Konami is making sure that this doesn’t just become another franchise that bites the dust, with their release of Universe 3 for the Xbox 360.

Universe 3 is the latest installment for the DDR franchise and offers an enhanced playing experience with some new features. One new improvement is the graphics. With high-definition graphics to keep your eyes distracted it might get a tad difficult to look at the arrow action at the top of the screen. On that note, look forward to one of the largest music libraries you’ve seen thus far, ranging from the 70’s to today’s hottest tracks.

Two new additions to the game are the DJ Mode and Quest Mode. In the new DJ Mode, players are given the chance to be creative and let their inner-DJ come out as they can create their own music and song lists. The Guest Mode allows people to compete against the bosses of DanceDanceRevolution City and claim authority.

Another feature of the game is the multiplayer, both on and offline. Offline, up to four people can have their dance-offs. No word on how many can play on Xbox LIVE, but I’m sure it’s a substantial amount. When it comes to LIVE, people can download hundreds of more songs. Of course, there is character customization, where over 400 options of clothing, faces, skin tones, and hairstyles can be used to create unique characters.

Don’t own a 360? Don’t worry, Konami’s got your back. For people who own the Wii and the PlayStation 2, expect to dance to the tunes of DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 2 and DanceDanceRevolution X.

So go forth, and re-live those days of arcade fun. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a group of nerds crowd around in arcades and get butt-hurt about someone out-stepping them.