European gamers can finally be not offended

Early purchasers of LittleBigPlanet (lucky bastards) in Europe have been sitting around shouting to the gods about how offended they are about Tapha Niang, the offensive song that caused the whole LBP recall. The collective anger of all of Europe could be felt around the world. Why our own European resident Thom told me yesterday that people in England were running around calling football soccer they were so angry. Rain informed us all that Eastern Europe had basically decided that life wasn’t worth living anymore and Adam said that that Switzerland was very seriously considering maybe possibly not staying neutral about the ordeal.

Lucky they won’t have to make that choice as news comes to us that patch number 1.02 is now available and completely and totally removes the quoted Qu’ran sections from the song. Praise be to Allah. Of course most of us won’t notice anything (unless you’re Mike and his s**t-eating grin) because we don’t even have the game and won’t for another two weeks or so. Not sure if 1.02 does anything else than remove the lyrics, but most likely not since 1.01 was released this morning and Media Molecule probably got all their important patching done then.