House of the Dead for waking the dead

Alright, so it’s not exactly House of the Dead, but Bandai has successfully combined light gun shooting with… alarm clocks?!? Releasing in Japan next month for ¥4,095 (approx. US$41), Gun O’clock is an interesting take on an alarm clock, which requires users to bullseye the clock-mounted target in order to shut off that infernal beeping. Particularly eagle-eyed shooters and rock-like sleepers alike will want to use hard mode, in which it takes five perfect shots to shut off. People who just like to shoot things can enable one of several game modes and fire away to their hearts’ content. Personally, I’m holding out for someone to make that House of the Dead alarm clock, complete with a zombie that’ll eat your brains if you don’t wake up and take it out. Nothing short of imminent death can get me out of the bed in the morning.