Nintendo expected sluggish sales for Disaster: Day of Crisis

Gamekyo recently sat down with Monolith, the developers of Disaster: Day of Crisis, who gave some insight into the game’s lackluster sales upon release, their future prospects, and Wii Motion Plus. The interviewcovers how Disaster: Day of Crisis was driven along and fine tuned by Nintendo in order to make it more accessible to hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. Monolith representatives go on the record to say that Nintendo is not taken aback by the low sales of the game in Japan due to it being a new franchise with a unique concept, but they also add that Nintendo believes it will sell in the future.

In reference to Wii Motion Plus, the studio says that the feature wasn’t tested for Disaster: Day of Crisis due to the fact that Nintendo didn’t feel it was necessary for an action game.

And as for their future plans? Monolith is working on an RPG for an unspecified console. The smart money is on Wii or DS though.